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Does HGH slow down the aging process?

Does HGH slow down the aging process?
March 20th, 2012 by adminLeave a reply »
 There have been many things that have been said about HGH, or human growth hormone, but some of them might sound to go to be true. People have said that HGH can speed up the metabolism and help them lose weight faster. Many have also heard of professional athletes using HGH just like on jintropin.us in order to speed up the time it takes for serious injuries to heal. Also, there have also been reports that HGH is a solution for stopping the aging process. In order to understand whether or not it is possible for HGH to be this fountain of youth that everyone seeks, you must first understand what it is and how it works.
HGH is a hormone that is created naturally in the human body. It is created in the pituitary gland, which is located right in the middle of the brain. This hormone is very potent and is very vital to the process of growth from when you are a child and until you reach adulthood.
However, once you reach the age of 30, the production of HGH starts to fall of drastically, and many believe that this is why people begin to age. When HGH for sale is not being produced as readily any more, your muscles get weaker, your face gets wrinkles, your metabolism slows down and you gain weight, you lose your hearing and your vision slowly – basically you start to age.
Some scientists believe that if HGH really is so vital for staying youthful, then technically, youth could be not only restored, but also sustained, if the production of HGH continues as it did when you were young. Even though this has not been proven to be completely true, there are many people who have used HGH successfully to regain their youth in some way or another.
Athletes have used HGH to not only recover faster from injuries that they have suffered from, but they have also used it to enhance their performance. It obviously works and gives these athletes an edge, because professional sports have made the use of HGH illegal. So obviously, people who use HGH have an unfair advantage in sports over people who do not use it.
Is that proof enough that it works? Maybe it is. The aging process is most likely one that cannot be reversed, but for now, people are using HGH to at least slow it down. It is true that an athlete will not be in the condition he was in when he was in his 20s and at his physical peak, but the use of HGH has allowed athletes to enjoy a longer span of time in which their bodies can perform at a very high level.
HGH has also helped many people lose weight too. The production of HGH when you are a younger is one of the thinks that results in you having a youthful and fast metabolism. HGH supplements could help you regain that speedy metabolism after the age of 30 as well.